Farewell Letter to Colleagues on Last Day of Work

A Farewell letter to colleagues on last day of work is one way to share your feelings with your co-workers in a very positive way. The farewell letter also serves a second purpose: To show that you’ve left your place of employment on good terms. When you leave the workplace on good terms, it leaves the door open for networking opportunities and more. In fact, presenting co-workers with a farewell is actually a customary procedure. It shows that you follow best business practices. You’re a team player who embraces the culture of your workplace, so will look good on company records. After all, most human resource departments place every little thing in your file. The better your file looks, the better you look, and a farewell letter to colleagues is part of that.


When you compose your farewell to colleagues, know that it’s important to express your gratitude toward your fellows. However, that’s not the only reason. Keep in mind that you always wish to keep doors open, which means a farewell letter is an opportunity for future networking as you’ll be sharing your contact information with your colleagues. So, when you include your contact information, remember to include sites like LinkedIn and your website.

Basic Structure of the Farewell Letter to Colleagues

There are no concrete rules when it comes to composing your farewell letter to staff and management. It can be as short or long as you see fit. It is, after all, a farewell letter. However, there is a basic structure which helps to make it easier when it comes to composing your own.

First, grab a sheet of scratch paper or notepad and write a list of any facts you’d like to mention. If you are including individual people, take this time to make sure their names are spelled correctly.

Next, write your draft. Below, we’ve divided a basic farewell letter to colleagues into 3 sections: An introduction, a middle and a conclusion. While we only used one paragraph for the second section, know that you can make this section as long as you need. Finally, remember to proofread and edit your letter before presenting it.

Section One

The first paragraph is the introduction of the letter. This is where you’ll announce your departure. Include any specific information, such as dates, departments, etc.

Section Two

This is where you’ll mention how much you’ll miss the company and coworkers. Add specifics if you’d like. These specifics can include positive incidents, special remembrances to certain individuals, and mentioning how the opportunities you’ve been given at the company have helped your career.

Section Three

This is where you tie it all together. Reinforce your gratitude while you wish those you are leaving behind good luck with their future endeavors. If desired, leave your contact information here. Contact information includes name, address, phone, email as well as important social media accounts, such as LinkedIn or your website.

Farewell Letter to Colleagues on Last Day of Work Tips

Now that you’ve a basic idea on how to compose your letter, it’s time to look at a few tips just in case you may have left something out, or wish to include something.

  • Make sure your boss has let your colleagues know that you are leaving before you present your farewell letter
  • Your farewell letter should center around gratitude, the gratitude you have to your company and co-workers
  • The letter should be upbeat and positive. Steer clear of writing a letter that wallows in sadness, regret or heaven forbid, self-pity. No drama allowed.
  • Remember to include your contact information in order to keep in touch with colleagues and to leave the door open for future opportunities
  • Keep the letter free from grievances and gossip. It’s good form to keep the letter on the short side, and not drag it down with pages of details no one really cares much about

Letter to Colleagues on the Last Day of Work (Format)

Here, we’ve provided you with an example of a basic letter format to colleagues on the last day of work. Take good look at the structure, and note how each section revolves around a specific idea. Remember to include your contact information as well, which could be very useful in the future for networking.

Dear {Team, Department, Colleagues or Name of a Specific Individual}

This letter is in reference to my departure from {Company Name} on {Date of Departure}. I’m leaving {Company Name} in order to {State Reason for Leaving Here}.

The last {Number of Years Worked} have been kind to me. I’ve been the recipient of many opportunities as well as established solid working relationships. People such as {Coworker Names} have been extremely supportive of my development. Plus, I’ve experienced many {List Any Positive Experiences}. Please know that I’ll miss working here, and will think of you always.

Again, know that I’m grateful for my experiences here at {Company Name}, and hope to make you all proud of me. For those of you who’d like to keep in touch, I’ve included my contact information: {Contact Information}. Before I take my leave of you, know that I wish you all the best in your own future endeavors, and if I can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.


{Your Name}

Sample Farewell Letter to Colleagues

While the previous letter was an example of correct formatting, this next entry is a sample of a brief farewell letter to colleagues. The sentences are short and meaningful, and the concluding paragraph extends an invitation to stay in contact. Make sure your letter shows gratitude and friendship as well.

Dear Colleagues,

As you’ve recently learned, I’m leaving ACME Corp in order to start my own business. Since I’ve began my stint at ACME, I’ve been the recipient of amazing career opportunities as well as wonderful people.

These past 5 years have been an absolute pleasure. Working with you on projects, such as the ACME Project A, were fruitful. These projects helped us in forming a strong bond between colleagues, one that will stay forged for quite some time.

Though parting is sweet sorrow, as Shakespeare noted, it needn’t be a final goodbyes. As such, I’m enclosing my personal contact information, including LinkedIn and URL. Please consider reaching out to me whenever you need to.

With much love and appreciation,

Jeremy Peterson

Goodbye to Colleagues on Last Working Day (Word Template)

Farewell letter to colleagues on last day of work


Saying good bye is never easy when you’ve made so many positive connections. When it’s time to say your farewells to those you’ve worked with, it can be especially hard. That’s why a properly written farewell letter to colleagues is essential. Here, you’ll be able to leave in good standing, express your gratitude to those who’ve helped you advance in your career, and leave your contact information in case any networking opportunities come to light. Keep the letter friendly, upbeat and free from drama and gossip.