Farewell Letter to Coworker Leaving the Company

A farewell letter to coworker who is leaving is a message sent to someone you work with but who is leaving the company to wish them all the best in their next venture. Additionally, it allows you the opportunity to maintain your relationship with the reader, professional or personal. The tone of the message could be formal, semi-formal, or informal, depending on your relationship with the coworker.


When someone is leaving their job, they may be excited about the new opportunities but could also be anxious about the transition. You can take this opportunity to thank them for the time you spent with them and assure them about the future.

The following tips and examples should help you do this.

Example Subject Lines for a Farewell Email to Coworker

Your subject line will determine whether your coworker reads your letter or stashes it in a box. When drafting one, you need to capture the nature of your message in a catchy yet brief way. Consider the following examples:

  • Please Stay in Touch
  • As You Move On
  • Farewell and Thank You
  • I Will Miss You

What to Include in Your Farewell Letter

Once you have written down your address, the recipient’s address, the date, and an appropriate subject line, you need to fill your letter with relevant details. Make sure to include the following:

  • Personal Message: Include a favorite memory, anecdote, or personal joke.
  • Gratitude: Remember to thank the coworker for all the positive things they did for you during the time you worked together. Mention specific incidents and what they meant to you.
  • Contact Information: Besides wishing your coworker well, one of the primary goals of a farewell letter is to maintain contact. You can do this by including your contact information.

Tips for Writing a Farewell Letter

A farewell letter to coworker who is leaving may be emotional, but it is still a professional document sent within a company. Keep the following tips in mind when drafting it:

  • Avoid sending the letter as a response to office rumors. Wait until the leaving coworker confirms their resignation.
  • Send your letter at least two days before they have to leave.
  • Tailor your tone and content to your relationship with the coworker
  • Keep your message short, accurate, and to the point.

Farewell Letter to Coworker Who Is Leaving (Format)


{Coworker’s Name}

{Company Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: As You Leave {Company Name}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

It recently came to my attention that you will be leaving your position as {job title} at {company name} on {date}. I am writing to thank you for the professional relationship we have built over the {duration} we have worked together as colleagues and to wish you all the best in your {mention new venture}.

Working with you these past {number of years} has been an absolute pleasure. You have been a supportive colleague, and I have enjoyed your {mention positive attributes}. I am especially grateful for {mention favorite memory}.

I hope your departure from the company will not mean the end of our relationship. You can always contact me at {contact information}.


{Your Name}

{Your Signature}

Sample Farewell Message to Colleague Leaving the Company

4 February 2021

Joan Jenkins

Tellform Industries

009 Main Street

Chicago, IL 11200

Re: Farewell and Thank You

Dear Joan,

I received your farewell letter informing me that you will be leaving Tellform Industries at the end of the week. While I am sad to see you go, I am also happy that you will be accepting a job offer at your dream company. I wish you nothing but the best as you transition into this new role.

I have immensely enjoyed the three years we have worked together in the Marketing Department. I am honored to have completed projects like the Brand Revamp project with you. Of all our memories, I think that is the one I will remember forever.

Please contact me at timothywells@email.com once you have settled into your new job.

Goodbye, and all the best.


Timothy Wells

Goodbye Letter to Coworker Leaving the Company (Word Template)

Farewell letter to coworker who is leaving

Key Takeaways

Taking the time to say goodbye through a farewell letter to coworker who is leaving will mean more to your colleague than any go-away party you could throw them. Unlike the words said at a party, they can carry the message of your letter with them as they leave. This means that your tone should be upbeat, appreciative, and hopeful. You can include your contact information and an offer to stay in touch. It is also crucial that you keep your letter short and to the point.