Farewell Letter to Employee Who is Leaving

A farewell letter to an employee who is leaving is a considerate way to acknowledge the contributions of the person. The farewell letter also lets them know how much the company and their fellow workers appreciated them.


In other words, let’s say that you have an employee who has worked for the company for many years and is retiring, fallen ill and can’t return, or relocating to another city. Whatever the reason, it’s customary to give that loyal and hard working person a proper send-off, and part of that is a farewell letter.

A farewell letter to an employee serves several functions. First, it leaves a good impression on the company, department, and fellow employees. Farewell letters to employees show that the company respects those who contribute to its success. It will also leave a positive mark on an employee’s heart and soul who gave so much of themselves to the company. If you are in charge of writing a farewell letter and don’t know where to start, keep reading as we’ve prepared a concise guide.

How to Compose

When it comes to writing a farewell letter to an employee, know that while simple, there are also some guidelines that need to be adhered to. After all, this person devoted much of their life to help the business grow, so it’s only kind and considerate to compose a letter suitable for framing.

The Basic Elements of a Farewell Letter to an Employee

In general, these letters are considered to be formal ones. As such, the tone should be professional. When it comes to the length of the farewell letter, that will be up to you, as it depends on the amount of content you have at your disposal. Below we’ve given you an outline for a basic, three-paragraph farewell letter. However, know that you can make this letter as long and detailed as you’d like.

First Section

The first section should deal with the employees departure. Here, you’ll place the reason the individual is leaving the company. These reasons may involve leaving to attend school, a promotion, having a child, retiring, illness, relocation, etc. After you mention the reason, acknowledge your feelings.

Section Two

The second section is where you’ll wish them well. Keep your statements pertinent to the reason the employee is leaving. After all, you want to create a positive farewell letter, one the employee might even want to frame. This means that the letter cannot be generic. There is no “one size fits all” farewell letter. For instance, if they are retiring and plan to start a business, wish them success on that endeavor.

Section Three

This is the last section before you close the letter. Here, it’s customary to reinforce your feelings of gratitude for the contributions they’ve made, while thanking them for their service. You may also include contact information in this section as well. If applicable, you may mention that they’ll always have a place with the company.

Farewell to Employee Letter Tips

No two employee farewell letters are alike. This is due to the subject matter. What works for a retiree may not be a good fit for relocating or falling ill. As such, we’ve included some items to assist you in finding just the right items to include in your letter below:

  • Relate that it’s been an honor to work with them
  • Include quotes of co-workers, famous people, books, or other media
  • Wish them the best in their new life
  • Express your wish for them to have success and prosperity in their new life
  • Congratulate them on their choice to go back to school
  • Let them know that there will always be a place for them if they decide to return
  • Tell them how proud you are of their in-house promotion
  • Express your gratitude for their contributions
  • Include contact information if applicable

Farewell to Employee Letter Format

Dear {Employee Name},

We at {Name of Company} are sad to learn that you are leaving due to {Reason for Leaving}. You’ve been an integral part of our business for {Number of Years} and will be sorely missed. We acknowledge your contributions and consider them to be part of our company’s success.

You’ve worked hard, and we appreciate your {List of Important Contributions, Projects and/or Skills}. Your ability to {Name Specific Traits/Abilities} helped to make us the company we are today. Myself and your fellow colleagues will miss your {List of Positive Personality Traits} along with your smile.

Again, thank you for your contributions. Please allow us to express our deepest gratitude and wish you well for your future endeavors. Remember that there will always be a place for you here at {Name of Company} if things change for you. If you wish to contact us to keep in touch, please call {Phone Number} whenever you feel the need.


{Full Name}

Sample Farewell Letter to Employee

Dear Thomas Morgan,

This letter is in reference to your departure from ACME Corp due to your decision to accept the transfer to our California branch. Your ability to multi-task, handling several projects at once has made you a much-valued employee at the Rhode Island branch, that we will miss you terribly. However, we also know that your departure is the best for the company as a whole.

We heartily acknowledge your contributions to the following projects:

· ACME Project A
· ACME Project B
· ACME Project C

Without your dedication, diligence and progressive ideas, there’s no way we’d have been able to best our competition and win those construction contracts. As such, you’ve been one of our most valued employees. Your motivation, ability to complete goals within the specified time period, and pleasant personality will be sorely missed by all.

Again, we would like to congratulate you on your promotion and transfer to the California branch. We wish you the best in your new position and know that it will make ACME a much stronger competitor. Please accept our gratitude, and know that you always have a place here. We include our contact information for your convenience, should you ever need to contact us at 555-3333.


Chuck Thompson

Letter to employee who is leaving company (Word Template)

Farewell letter to employee who is leaving company (Word Template)


There you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to write a farewell letter to an employee. Keep in mind that each letter is unique and should be written to reflect that individual’s personal situation. While the tone of the letter is formal, you can be creative by using quotations from famous people, film and/or other media. In fact, the letter may even accompany a farewell gift from the employer and fellow employees. In the end, a farewell letter to an employee is a kind and considerate way to express your gratitude for a job well done.