Farewell Letter to Employee Who is Retiring

A farewell letter to an employee who is retiring is a considerate way to express your gratitude for their years of service to the company. Farewells of any type are not always easy. When we say goodbye to someone, it’s only natural for emotions to rise. Fortunately, saying goodbye to a retiring employee is often filled with positive feelings of gratitude and joy. After all, they’ve spent much of their life working, and now they can finally take some time for themselves.


As you can see, a farewell letter to an employee who is retiring is a way for co-workers to embrace their colleague, wish them well, and send them off in style. That being said, a farewell letter serves to reinforce a feeling of comradery in the retiree, that their time spent at the company actually meant something, and that people will miss them and their contributions.

Things to Consider

Composing this letter shouldn’t pose too much difficulty. However, there are a few items you need to be mindful of. For instance, if you’re not too familiar with their history, remember to go to Human Resources and either speak with them or request their file. This will ensure that the information in your letter will be accurate. Secondly, keep the tone professional and formal. Try to create a farewell letter that will make the employee feel good about their accomplishments at the company.

Basic Elements of Farewell Letter to an Employee Who is Retiring

When putting pen to paper, the first thing to remember is that the letter should address the individual and their accomplishments. Under no circumstances should this letter come across as a template or generic in any way. Include accurate facts about their time with the company, such as how many years they’ve worked, and/or awards won. Keep the tone pleasant, stating just how much you’ll miss their presence while congratulating them on their new life.

Section One

The first section is where you mention the employee by name and their retirement. After which you can express your feelings regarding their retirement

Section Two

The second paragraph is where you mention their career highlights, how many years they’ve been employed, and any future plans the retiree has. In other words, anything pertaining to the employee and their stay at the company may be included, if applicable. Make certain that all information is accurate.


Here, you are to reinforce the previous good wishes and congratulations on their future life. you may also include contact information as well.

Tips For a Farewell Letter to an Employee Who is Retiring

  • Extend your well wishes for their future
  • Mention that retirement is a time to rest or work towards new goals
  • Let them know that you’ll miss their contributions to the company
  • Tell them they’ve been an inspiration
  • Use quotations to reinforce the message
  • The tone should be formal and professional
  • Make sure all information regarding employee highlights is accurate
  • Let the employee know that you will miss them

Farewell Letter Format for Employee Who is Retiring

Below is our easy to follow template for the farewell letter. Use this template to assist you in composing your rough draft. It may help to grab a sheet of paper before you begin where you can jot down important dates and accomplishments. Accuracy is key here. We’ve created a basic, three-section letter. However, know that there are no rules as to length. Write what you need to express your gratitude, congratulations and well wishes to the employee.

Dear {Employee Name},

On behalf of {Company Name}, allow me to express my sadness at your leaving the company after {Number of Years}. Your service during these years will not be forgotten, and {Mention How You Feel}.

Looking over your file, I’ve seen that you’ve {Mention Accomplishments of Note}. Without your participation, many projects and milestones such as {Name Important Highlights} would not have flowed so smoothing. Your diligence and dedication will be sorely missed.

Again, thank you so much for your contributions to the company. Both myself and your co-workers will miss your input, personality and work ethic. I am including an attachment with contact information so we can keep in touch. We wish you well, peace.


{Your Name}

Sample Farewell Letter to Employee Who is Retiring

In this brief and concise sample farewell letter, you’ll notice that the information is specific to the employee. Steer clear from generic letters with no specifics. Also, be sure to check out your company’s employee handbook as they may have a certain procedure regarding such letters. If so, follow the company’s procedure.

Dear Robert Templeton,

This letter is to inform you of your impending retirement from ACME Enterprises. You’ve been with the company 24 years. As I read over your file, I get a new appreciation of your past contributions.

Your skillful presentations have won many a client over. Without your input we might not have landed such stellar accounts as Prudent Industries, among others. Your optimism in greeting each new project was contagious, and many an employee actually requested to work on one of your teams. So as you can see, your retirement

Again, please know that your participation in the company has been greatly appreciated and will be sorely missed by all. We wish you well on your future endeavors. If you’d like to keep in touch you are more than welcome to keep in touch with us. Please be well and enjoy your new life!


Maria Wilkes

Goodbye letter to employee who is retiring (Word Template)

Farewell letter to employee who is retiring

Key Points

That’s it! As you can see, writing a farewell letter to an employee who is retiring is quite simple as long as you remember a few key items: Keep the language formal, use accurate information, let them know that they will be missed. These letters have no rules as to length, so write what you need in order to list their career highlights. Each and every farewell letter is unique, so make it specific to the individual. As a side note, you can make the letter part of a proper sendoff by presenting it at a retirement party complete with gifts and refreshments.