Farewell Letter to Retiring Teacher

A farewell letter to a retiring teacher is a letter saying farewell to the teacher and wishing them well in their retirement. Saying farewell is never easy. This is especially true if you must say goodbye to a beloved teacher whose tenure has been marked with outstanding academic achievement. However bittersweet the occasion, someone must write a farewell letter.


If you find yourself in this situation, this article can help. We show you how to write a farewell letter to the retiring teacher, complete with style information. We also provide a format for writing your letter and a sample letter to inspire you.

How to Write a Farewell Letter to a Retiring Teacher

Begin your letter with the appropriate salutation

If you are writing in an informal tone, you can greet the teacher with their first name followed by a comma. Otherwise, begin your letter with a formal greeting using their title and last name followed by a colon.

Introduce the topic

In your first paragraph, note that faculty and staff wish to say farewell on the occasion of the teacher’s retirement. The tone of your letter determines your words and phrases. Following are two examples of opening sentences you might use. The first is informal, and the second is formal.

  • Congratulations on your retirement!
  • The faculty and staff of {school name} wish to congratulate you on your retirement.

Complete this paragraph with a brief discussion of the length of the teacher’s tenure or anything else you would like to add.

Show your appreciation

In this section of the letter, show your appreciation for the teacher. Discuss the instructor’s notable qualities and achievements. Write clearly and concisely, but don’t hesitate to be descriptive. This section forms the bulk of the letter and may require several paragraphs. A good rule is to keep your letter to one page.

It pays to do some research before you write. Contact faculty and staff to inquire what these people found most impressive or inspirational about the teacher. If you ask for anecdotes, you are sure to have plenty of stories to choose from when writing. Choose anecdotes that match your letter’s tone.

Close your letter by offering your best wishes

In the final paragraph, offer your best wishes to the teacher in their retirement. If you know what they plan to do with their time, you may want to mention that particular hobby or skill. For example, an informal farewell letter might include a statement that you all hope {based on pursuit}. A formal letter might say that you wish them well in their {research, travel, etc.}.

Conclude your letter with a standard valediction

Close your letter with an appropriate valediction. This might be Best regards, Sincerely yours, or any other closing statement you choose. Then end the letter by noting the group sending the letter. For instance, you might write Faculty and Staff of {school name}.

Farewell letter to a retiring teacher (Format)


Dear {teacher name},

{Introduce your topic here.}

{Thank the teacher here. Include memories or people’s impressions of the teacher. Anecdotes are optional but useful in this section.}

{Offer your best wishes in this section.}


Faculty and Staff of {school name}

Sample Farewell Letter to a Retiring Teacher

May 5, 2030

Dear Mrs. Jones,

The faculty and staff of Will Rogers High School wish to congratulate you on your retirement. Thank you for the many years you have taught at this institution. Many of us feel that Will Rogers will not be the same without you here.

We hold you in the highest esteem and greatly appreciate your contributions over these past 30 years. When asked for impressions of your teaching methods, instructors here overwhelmingly responded by noting your ability to inspire students. They said they heard many students stating that you inspired them to do something they would not ordinarily believe they could do.

When we asked students for their thoughts, we were impressed by their answers. One student related that your inspiration led them to pursue a writing career. Another student said you gave them the confidence they needed to improve their grades; they won a coveted scholarship as a result. Students poured into the offices to relate their stories. We asked them to write these stories for you, and we offer these stories to you as a parting gift to a beloved teacher.

As we sadly say our goodbyes, we wish you all the best in your retirement. May you find great comfort in knowing you have inspired students to venture into the world with confidence and creativity.

Best regards,

The Faculty and Staff of Will Rogers High School

Farewell Letter to Retiring Teacher (Word Template)

Farewell Letter to Retiring Teacher


Writing a farewell letter to a teacher is a bittersweet task. However, you can approach it with confidence. The bulk of your letter reflects the teacher’s contributions, achievements, and qualities. Feel free to use the format we have provided. Remember that your letter’s tone determines your style, as well as your language. Our sample letter is formal, but an informal letter may be the most appropriate based on the instructor.