Farewell Letter to Students from Teacher

A farewell letter to students from the teacher is a formal message sent to a group of students informing them that you will be leaving their class or the school. You can draft this letter when retiring, moving to a new class, or being transferred to a different school.


Saying goodbye to your students after spending so much time with them can be beyond difficult. Although you may be excited about what the future holds, you may also not wish to part ways with your class. The only thing that can make the transition easier is a well-written and positive farewell message.

Below, we highlight everything you need to know to bid adieu to your students.

Structuring a Farewell Letter

An excellent farewell letter should be brief and precise so that the reader receives the message without getting bored along the way. It should clearly state your reason for writing, which is your departure. Additionally, it should recapture some of the memories you shared with your students.

With all these details to include in your message, it can be challenging to put everything into your letter. The following key points should help you structure your message:

Express Gratitude

What is it about your students that made the experience of teaching them unforgettable? What crucial lessons did you learn from them during your time as their teacher? Besides saying goodbye, you can use your farewell letter to appreciate your students for the time you spent together.

Be Positive

Your students will be sad enough to see you go without your tone coming off as sad or gloomy. While goodbyes are unhappy, there are also positive things to celebrate in a farewell, such as the relationship you have built. Focus on that and sound positive.


The last thing you want is for your farewell message to sound generic or duplicated. What fun memories or your students will you carry with you? Include some inside jokes or anecdotes to make your letter that more meaningful to your students.

Writing Tips for a Farewell Letter to Students

It is vital to evaluate the relationship you have with your students when drafting your letter. For example, if you are writing to an individual student who happened to be your favorite, you can use a friendlier tone than when you are addressing an entire class. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Include a clear subject that explains your reason for writing in your letter
  • Deliver your message clearly without burying it in metaphors
  • Provide details about your departure
  • Highlight or bold key details about your leaving the school
  • When providing instructions, use bullets or numbering.
  • Include a strong call to action and positive wishes
  • End the letter with your full name, job title, and signature

Farewell Letter to Students from Teacher (Format)


{Class Name}

{School/Institution Name}

{School/Institution Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear {Class Name},

I have been extremely fortunate to be your {subject/course name} for the past {duration}. While I have enjoyed my time mentoring, teaching, and guiding you, all good things must come to an end. I am writing to inform you that I will be leaving {school/institution/class name} on {departure date}.

Throughout my time as your teacher, I have enjoyed support and commitment from every one of you. I am incredibly grateful for the {mention the student’s positive qualities}. You have taught me to {insert lesson you learned from your students}.

As I leave, I am confident that you will continue to {insert positive wishes}. I urge you to give my replacement, {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Name}, an easy time as they transition into the class.

Keep reaching for the skies and giving everything your very best.

Best wishes.

{Your Name}

Sample Farewell Letter to Students from Teacher

1 January 2031

Class 6A

Pike High School

657 Chastain Rod

Los Angeles, CA 23380

My students,

As you heard it announced in assembly today, I will be leaving my post as lead English Teacher at Pike High School and transferring to our sister school in North Carolina. I want to thank you for the support you have shown me during my time as your teacher and mentor. I will miss every one of you deeply.

I remember the first time I met your class in the fall of 2024. You were all so young and eager to dive into your English textbooks and learn. From then on, we have never looked back, and your grades have continued to soar beyond expectations.

I am very proud of each of you, and I know you will continue to do me proud, even if I will be away. I will carry the memory of your loving and courageous hearts with me wherever I go.

All the best in your upcoming examinations. Make me proud.

Best wishes

Eunice Reuben

English Teacher

Farewell Letter to Students from Teacher (Word Template)

Farewell Letter to Students from Teacher

Key Takeaways

Before sending a farewell letter to students from teacher, you should find out where your school’s administration stands on such correspondences. If they allow it, make sure you send the letter at least a day before your departure, so you don’t create a distraction among your students.