Funny Farewell Email (Template & Example)

A Funny Farewell Email / Letter is an informal message sent to a contact with whom you will be parting ways soon. The recipient could be a friend, colleague, neighbor, landlord, or even your manager at work. Essentially, the goal is to inform them that you will be leaving soon without making them feel sad and disappointed. The tone is warm, cheerful, and playful.


Saying goodbye is hard enough without the emotional words of a farewell email or letter. If you wish to take some of the tension off the entire process, you can opt to send a funny farewell message. The following tips and examples should help you leave your reader with a smile on their face.

Structuring Your Funny Farewell Message

While your coworkers, friends, or neighbors may like you, they don’t really want to wade through ten paragraphs of your farewell message. This is why you need to be quick in your gratitude and positive in your nostalgia. Avoid any cryptic messages, get to the point, and keep your letter short. Take note of the following when structuring your Funny Farewell Email / Letter:

  • Mention Details. Because the tone of this message is playful, it is easy to get distracted by jokes and anecdotes and forget your reason for writing. Try to leave your reader smiling but also with enough information about how, when, and why you are leaving.
  • Tailor your Message. Not everyone will appreciate a joke about how you used to snore when taking a nap on your office desk, especially not your boss. When drafting your message, remember to tailor the tone and content to suit your relationship with the reader.

Example Funny Farewell Messages

Consider the following example funny farewell messages:

  • I will miss seeing you around the building. Or will I?
  • Things will not be the same without you. They will be better! Miss me
  • Don’t cry, because we won’t! Just kidding, I will miss you.
  • Now that you are leaving, we can finally install that espresso machine. Come back!
  • I wish I could tie your leg to your office desk. Don’t leave us!

Funny Farewell Email / Letter (Format)


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Leaving {Situation e.g. Company Name}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

By now, you may have heard that I will be leaving {mention situation you are leaving such as company, state, or neighborhood}. Knowing you these past {duration} has been a {insert funny joke}. I will miss {mention favorite funny memory}.

I hope my leaving will sour our relationship, and I pray we can maintain contact. Feel free to reach me at {contact information} at any time.

Don’t miss me too much.


{Your Name}

Sample Funny Farewell Email

Date: 4 February 2021



Subject: Leaving ABC Company – Finally!

Dear Mellissa,

I recently learned that you have handed in your resignation letter. On the one hand, I wish it gets eaten by rats, so you never have to leave. On the other hand, I can’t wait to be rid of you and your constant nagging before my morning coffee. I will miss you!

I really hope this goodbye doesn’t mark the end of our relationship. You still need my sage advice on movies to watch – otherwise, how will you survive?

Remember to keep in touch. Goodbye, and miss me.


Patrick Miles

Sample Funny Goodbye Letter to Coworkers

4 February 2021

Pauline James

800 Kindle Street

Essex, NJ 00989

Re: Moving to North Carolina

Dear Pauline,

You must be overjoyed at the news that I will be moving to North Carolina this spring. I am just as happy – what are the odds that I get to get rid of you on my birthday! There could be no better birthday gift.

Before you go about your celebration, I should remind you that you won’t have anyone to listen to your endless rants about your tangy hair. However will you survive?

If you wish to take me out for lunch, and you should, you can contact me at

Don’t miss me too much.


Joy Green

Funny Farewell Letter (Word Template)

Funny Farewell Email or Letter (Word Template)

Key Takeaways

It is not uncommon to feel like venting or criticizing your previous situation when you leave it, but a Funny Farewell Email / Letter is not the place to do it. Your reader will be expecting a recap of all the good memories you have together and hope that you will maintain your relationship. Lastly, you should try to keep your letter as precise and to the point as possible. Maintain an informal and playful tone, but don’t forget why you are writing: to say goodbye.