Goodbye Email to Boss (Template and Example)

Change is a necessary part of career progression. And when the time comes to take on a better opportunity, you’ll need to write a goodbye email to your boss. This way, you can formally notify your boss that you’re leaving the organization. The goodbye email allows you to formally thank your boss for the knowledge, experiences, and time for the entire time you’ve been working for them.


Therefore, drafting this email is necessary to not only inform your boss about your departure but also to give thanks for the employment opportunity. If you have no idea how to go about writing this email, don’t worry. Here’s an outline of the steps to follow when writing your boss a goodbye email.

How to Write A Goodbye Email To Your Boss

Writing the goodbye email isn’t complicated, and all you need to do is simply following some basic steps. Here’s an outline of the steps you need to follow;

Start With A Professional Salutation

The first thing on the goodbye letter to your boss should be a professional salutation and then the recipient’s name. Make sure the salutation is simple; for example, “Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Last Name}.

If you and your boss have developed a close relationship over the years, you can use a friendlier salutation followed by their first name, for instance, “Hello {First Name}.

Remind Your Boss It’s Your Final Day At The Company

Once you’re through with the opening, the next thing to do is reminding your boss it’s your last day in the organization. The email will only be a polite reminder because you’ll have already handed in the official resignation letter to your boss earlier.

Show Your Gratitude

In the second paragraph of your goodbye email to your boss, make sure to show your appreciation to your boss for the opportunity to work under their guidance. And because you’ll be directing this letter to your boss, feel free to mention specific incidences when your boss offered you useful knowledge that has positively impacted your career. You can also mention the different ways they’ve been an inspiration to you and any specific skills they’ve taught you.

Give Your Best Wishes

It’s crucial to make sure that you and your boss and the entire team of employees are still on good terms despite you leaving the company. The only way you can do this is by offering your boss and the entire team your best wishes, hoping they continue to experience continued success.

Provide Your Contact Details

After wishing your boss and other coworkers your wishes for continued success, the next thing is giving them your contact details. Doing this is essential for you two to maintain contact even once you’re no longer working under them. The personal details to include here can either be your email address or cell phone number.

Closing Salutations

The last thing to do is writing a polite salutation, and right below that, sign your name. The closing salutations you should use here are “Best Wishes” or “Thank you again.”

Goodbye Email to Boss (Format)

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. [Name],

Today is my last day here at [Company], and I want to send you a quick note detailing how much I’ve enjoyed working in this firm.

I’ve learned a lot from your advice, guidance, and experience over the last [length of time], and my role as a [job title] on this team will no doubt be valuable as I advance my career journey. I’m confident the knowledge I’ve learned will be invaluable in my next adventure. Also, I’ll always remember my experience under your mentorship with lots of fondness.

Although our time working together drawing to an end, I’d love it if we still stayed in touch. So, please feel free to contact me at [personal email]!

Once again, thank you so much for your guidance and leadership. Know that I want nothing but the best for you and the whole [department] team!

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

Sample Letter of Goodbye Email To Boss

Dear Paul,

Today is my final day with XYZ Marketing Company, and I want to let you know that I’ve very much enjoyed working here under your guidance and alongside an amazing team. Although I’m sad, I’m still excited and eager to experience opportunities that are awaiting me in my next job as a Marketing Manager.

It’s been a delight working with you, and you’ve taught me so many lessons that have molded me to become what I am today. Therefore, I want to thank you for everything you’ve taught me under your leadership over the last six years. It’s through your support and guidance that I’ve been able to achieve everything I have now. Therefore, be sure I’ll look back at my time working under you with extreme appreciation.

Know that I wish you and the entire company the best.

While our time together is coming to a close, I still will very much hope to keep in touch with you. Feel free to reach out anytime at 527-732-7251 or

Thank you again for your leadership, and I wish nothing but the best for you and the team.

Best regards,


Goodbye Email to Boss (Word Template)

Goodbye Email to Boss


Writing the goodbye email to your boss is necessary to formally let them know you’re ending your employment with them and it needs to have a professional tone. The need to write this email shouldn’t be understated since you might in the future need them to give you a referral or write you a recommendation letter. If you didn’t know where to start when writing this email, this need not be a problem anymore since this -depth post has highlighted the useful steps to follow when writing one.