Goodbye Email to the Manager (Sample and Template)

A goodbye email to manager is a formal document sent to your manager, thanking them for the time and knowledge they shared with you during your employment. Although it is written to mark your departure from the company, it is not the same as a retirement letter. The focus of a goodbye email is appreciating past experiences and maintaining contact with your manager.


Whether you are retiring or accepting a job in another company, saying goodbye to your manager is crucial to maintaining your relationship. It is a show of courtesy and professionalism that will leave a good impression on them. Here is all you need to know to transfer this message into an email.

When Should You Send a Goodbye Message to Your Manager?

The best possible time to send a goodbye email to manager is after submitting your formal resignation letter and before your last working day. Ensure you have completed all your remaining tasks but leave enough time to give them a chance to respond or say goodbye in person.

Structuring Your Goodbye Email

Saying goodbye to your manager can be tricky because while the message is personal, the email is also a formal document. Your best bet is to provide all the critical information and deliver your message without any detours or deviating from the topic. Make sure to stick to the following details:

  • Your previous job position and role
  • Your last working date
  • Gratitude for the time spent working under your manager.
  • An example of how your manager impacted you personally or professionally
  • Your contact information and an offer to communicate in the future
  • Best wishes to your manager and their team

Writing Tips for a Farewell Email

The purpose of a goodbye email is to leave your current position professionally and positively and promote future communication. The following writing tips should help you achieve these goals:

  • Express gratitude
  • Be sincere when expressing gratitude and avoid exaggerations.
  • Personalize the message by mentioning specific examples of how your manager impacted you
  • Keep your email concise and to the point, no longer than 4 paragraphs.
  • Offer best wishes to your manager.

Goodbye Email to Manager (Format)


From: {Your official email address}

To: {Manager’s official email address}

Subject: Goodbye from {Your Name}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

As you know, {insert date} will mark my last working day in {company name}. I am writing to express my gratitude for the last {duration you have been in company}, during which you have guided, advised, corrected, and natured me. I consider myself extremely lucky to have worked under your tutelage.

I am particularly grateful for {mention specific ting you appreciate, e.g., help with a major project}. Because of your help, I {mention how you benefited from the experience}.

While I am leaving the company, I hope my departure does not mark the end of our relationship. Feel free to contact me at {personal email address} at your convenience.

Thank you once again for everything.


{Your Name}

{Former Job Title}

Sample Goodbye Email to Manager

4 January 2031



Subject: Goodbye and Thank You

Dear Mrs. Hayne,

As you know, tomorrow is my last official day at XYZ Company as I will be accepting a new offer from our New York branch. I wish to thank you for your mentorship, guidance, and support these last eight years. Having you as a manager has allowed me to grow immensely, both personally and professionally.

I remember being accused of losing money during my fourth year. You stood by me and put in extra hours to help me find and fix the glitch in the system. From that experience, the Accountability Accounts System was born, and it is the reason I was promoted. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Although I am leaving XYZ Company, it would mean a lot to me if we maintain the relationship we have built thus far. You can contact me through my personal email

Thank you once more, and farewell.


Damaris Bryan

Former Accountant

Goodbye Letter to Your Manager (Word Template)

Goodbye Email to Your Manager

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to write an effective goodbye email to manager and when to send it can help cement and maintain the relationship you have with them. Write truthfully, professionally, and using a grateful tone. Even though leaving can be sad, use your email to focus on everything you learned from your manager and what you will be taking from the experience.