Goodbye Letter to a Friend You Love

Saying goodbye has never been easy. And because going away from someone you love can be challenging, the best thing to do would be to write a goodbye letter to your beloved friend. In such a letter, you get to convey how you feel about your friends. You also explain why you value the individual and the significant impact they’ve had on your life.


Your friend’s separation usually brings about anxiety and confusion on how to go about writing the goodbye letter. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise and is understandable. If you’re in such a position and don’t know how to write this letter, you’re in luck. Here’s an overview of the steps to follow when writing a goodbye letter to your beloved friend.

Writing The Goodbye Letter To A Friend

When writing a goodbye letter, there are several steps you need to follow. These steps are;

Describe Your Feelings

The first thing you should start with is highlighting why the person has been such the perfect friend. By doing this, you’ll be letting the person understand how much you cherished them being there in your life. You can also go a step further and detail what in particular you’ll miss once you are no longer in close contact with your friend. As you do this, explain how this change will drastically impact your life but despite that, make sure to mention you’ll still keep in touch.

You should also inform your friend about one last meet up before they leave. This can be anything you two enjoy, for example, meeting up for coffee or going on a lunch date.

Reflect on Your Friendship

As you write this letter, make sure to mention a positive memory that you two share. This can even be a picture which you can include in the letter. Another option would be explaining in detail any memorable event or memory. This can be reflecting on a particular gift that a loved one gave you and which you value. You can also go ahead and explain the circumstances under which the present was given and why you hold it close to your heart.

When reflecting on your friendship, you also need to detail any specific lesson you learned from your friend. Consequently, explain how this lesson has had a positive in your life.

Look Toward The Future

At this point, you need to state a fascinating event that’s about to happen to your friend’s life. You also need to request always to be updated on how this event goes. And if you too have a special event you’re expecting, promise your beloved friend to send them the details and outcome of the event.

And as you finalize your letter, it’s vital to mention when you two should get in touch. You can do this either through a visit, a phone call, or email. Moreover, you should emphasize you wish to maintain contact.

Tips To Consider When Writing

There are a few useful tips you should consider when writing a goodbye letter to a friend, and these include;

  • Ensure the letter is pleasant as possible despite being emotional or sad that your friend is leaving. You should explain how this change will help your friend progress in life or result in a positive change.
  • Whereas being emotional is acceptable, try for this letter to be short, practical, well-meaning, and on-point.
  • Make sure the goodbye letter is meaningful and well-written by only stating facts that are authentic and genuine.
  • Focus on yourself while writing the goodbye letter by saying out anything that’s in your heart and how this feeling of saying goodbye is making you feel.
  • Mention your friend’s past achievements, which will motivate them to feel better despite leaving each other.
  • Include some good memories you two have had while writing this letter.

Goodbye Letter To A Friend You Love (Format)

Dear {Name of Friend}

I am writing this letter to bid you goodbye and thank you for being my friend. As you know, I am leaving for {destination}due to {Cause of leaving}.

Thank you for always being there for me during difficult moments in my life, especially during {Example of Occasion}. With your support and thoughtfulness, I’ve always felt like I had a brother in you.

And as I bid you goodbye with a heavy heart, I hope we get to meet someday in the future, and as the same kind-hearted person you’re. Thank you once again for all that you’ve done. As you start a new life, I hope you achieve your dreams and endeavours.

Please feel free to get in touch anytime, either using my phone number or email address that you already have. Goodbye, my dear friend.


{Your Name}

Sample Goodbye Letter To The Best Friend

Dear Kimberly,

I am writing this letter to say goodbye while thanking you for always being there for me, which is everything I could ask from a friend. After a prolonged wait, I have finally got my dream job at one of the country’s top marketing companies, but I’ll have to relocate to a different town where its offices are located. I only have one week left to prepare myself and head of to start my new dream job.

While I am happy about this opportunity, I’m sad to leave behind the friendship we had created. We have shared lots of exciting memories and sorrows over the years we’ve know each other. Even during the hard times, you always were there beside me, especially after my mother’s passing. It’s thanks to your support and care that I made it through that trying moment in my life.

It’s with a heavy heart that I bid you goodbye and hope to meet the same person in you whenever we meet up. Again, thanks for everything, and wishing you nothing but the best as you strive to achieve your goals and dreams.

I will send you my contact numbers immediately I get them, and before that, please feel free to reach out using my email address, which you already have. Goodbye.



 Goodbye Letter To A Friend You Love (Word Template)

A Goodbye Letter To The Best Friend I Ever Had


Writing a goodbye letter to a friend leaving for another town or state is no doubt very emotional. And when writing one, you need to observe an optimistic perspective rather than a melancholic tone while being informal. If you didn’t know how to write such a letter, this in-depth guide has highlighted the steps to follow and the useful tips to observe when writing this letter.