Goodbye Letter to Customers after Resignation

A goodbye letter to customers after resignation is a letter in which the writer says farewell to their customers after resigning from their job. Goodbye letters serve several purposes. They allow you to leave your position on good terms with your customers and your company. They offer you an opportunity to thank your customers. Farewell letters also function to inform your customers of their new contact at the company and encourage their continued business.


This article discusses how you can write professional goodbye letters to send your customers. We provide a format you can use for your letter and a sample letter for you to read.

How to Write a Professional Goodbye Letter to Your Customers

When you resign, it’s critical to do it professionally. Writing farewell letters to your customers is an essential part of leaving your job on a positive note. Here you will learn the rules for writing a professional goodbye letter to your customers.

Greet your customers by name

You have worked with your customers, and you likely know them on a first-name basis. Write your farewell letter to them using the same greeting you have used in your other correspondence with the customer.

Rule: Write your goodbye letter to the person you have worked with during your time at the company.

Briefly state your resignation

In the first sentence, state your last day of work at the company. Keep this section of your letter brief and professional.

Rule: Avoid saying anything negative about your company or your job. Don’t tell your customers why you are leaving.

Show your appreciation

In your next sentence, state that you have enjoyed working with the customer during your time at the company.

Rule: Let your customers know how much you appreciate them. If you have a non-solicitation agreement with your employer, keep it in mind as you write your letter.

Inform your customers of their next contact in the company

Provide your customers with the name and contact information for their next point of contact in the company.

Rule: Encourage their continued business with the company by staying positive. Say something kind about their next point of contact. Don’t encourage your customers to follow you to your next job.

Wish your customers well

Offering your best wishes is good form in a professional goodbye letter. This gesture leaves them with a lasting positive impression of you. You may need to contact one of them in the future for a reference or a job lead.

Rule: Wish both the customer and their company the best.

What to Avoid:

  • Any negative statements
  • Providing more information than necessary


You can say goodbye to your customers via email. If you decide to send emails to your customers, use an attention-grabbing subject line. Here are some suggestions.

  • Moving on
  • My last day at {company name}
  • It’s hard to say goodbye
  • You will have a new contact soon

Goodbye Letter to Customers after the Resignation (Format)

{your name}

{position title}

{company name}

{company address}


{recipient name}

{recipient position title}

{company name}

{company address}

Dear {recipient name},

As you may know, my last day with {company name} is {date}.

I want you to know how much I have enjoyed working with you during these past {time frame in years}. I have greatly appreciated your business, and it has been a pleasure to get to know you.

Your new contact at {company name} will be {name}. You can contact {him or her} by phone at {number} or via email at {email address.} {Say something positive about the contact here.}

I wish you and {recipient company name} all the best in the coming years.


{your signature}

{your name}

Sample Goodbye Letter to Customers after Resignation

David Myers

Customer Support

Addison Materials

2004 West Harvard Avenue

Brighton, NM 98224

February 25, 2038

Ashley Parks


Mathews Aircraft Repair

4068 South Madison

Brighton, NM 98224

Dear Ashley,

I’m writing to tell you that my last day at Addison Materials is Friday, March 1. I wanted to let you know that it has been a great pleasure working with you these past four years. I have sincerely appreciated your business and your friendship. I am sad to say goodbye.

Your new contact here at Addison Materials will be Mallory Evans. You can reach her at (265) 348-9927 or She is wonderful, and I feel sure you will enjoy working with her.

Wishing you and Mathews Aircraft Repair all the best for the future.

Best regards,

David Myers

David Myers

Goodbye Letter to Customers after Resignation (Word Template)

How to tell clients you're leaving your job


Leaving your position on a positive note is important to your career. Avoid any negative statements when you write your goodbye letters to your customers. Thank your customer and offer them contact information for their next point of contact in your company. Keep in mind that you may want to call on them for a reference or a lead in the future.