Heartfelt Goodbye Letter to Boss – Sample, Template & Tips

The heartfelt goodbye letter to the boss basically lets your boss and, by extension, your workmates know that you are now departing the firm. It also tells them how enjoyable you have been working for them and how fruitful the kinds of experiences you have gained from the firm have been.


In some exceptional circumstances, the letter may also let the employer know of your availability in the future if need be. To that end, it provides a hotline via which the departing employee may be reached at a later date if and when the circumstances demand so.

How to write a heartfelt goodbye letter to boss:

To write a good letter you have to follow the steps stipulated below:

Step I: Professional salutation

As with any other professional letter, start this out also with a professional salutation. This entails the use of such endearing words like Ms., Mrs., Mr., and Sir, to name but a few! The purpose of this is to establish a cordial relationship with the reader and build some trust as well.

Step II: Denote your last day at work

Take this next step to remind your boss of your last day of work. Of course, this has to be the same day that is spelled out in your employment contract. If you are quitting earlier than the stipulated date, you have to let the boss understand this as well.

Step III: Express your heartfelt appreciation

You also have to express your heartfelt appreciation for the time and the opportunity that your boss and by extension, your company has given you to work with them. As you do this, try and highlight a couple of unique skills that the firm accorded you when you were based there.

Step IV: Confer your best wishes

As a matter of courtesy, you have to also confer your best wishes to the firm and the boss. Wish them great success in their endeavors even after you have departed from their firm completely. That is a polite way of ending this relationship, which may also make it easier to start again later if need be.

Step V: Specify your contact details

It is good to make yourself available for consultation and continued support well beyond your departure from the firm. One sure way of guaranteeing this is to leave behind your contact details. These are the avenues via which you may be accessed at a later date if need be.

Step VI: Close the letter

Professionally close the letter. Yet again, you are to use endearing terms like ‘Best wishes,’ ‘Best regards,’ ‘Thank you again’ and so on. They serve to show some respect while at the same time end the letter on a positive note. If you may have to be recalled later, these words may come to your rescue.

Heartfelt Goodbye Letter to Boss (Format)

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Dr.)

Warm greetings.

I would wish to let you know that I shall be departing this firm on mm/dd/yyyy. Though sad, I inevitably have to move on.

Many thanks for the kind of warm support and love you showed me in my stint here at your firm. Specifically, I am grateful for the office ethics your firm instilled in me all the while.

Should it happen that you need my intervention at any point in the future, feel free to reach me on XXX-XXX-XXXX. I shall be more than willing to offer the necessary help and support.


(Your Name)

Example of Heartfelt Goodbye Letter to Boss

Dear Mrs. Verhaegen,

As per my employment contract, I am supposed to vacate your company on Wednesday, January 27th, 2021, roughly a week from now.

Whereas it is sad for me to depart your company, I have no otherwise but to do so given the expiration of my contract and the fact that I have found a lucrative offer elsewhere.

I am really excited about the experiences I went through in this firm for the last 5 years I have been actively working for you.

On the same note, I also express my heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful opportunity you gave me to work for you and the money I also made while employed here.

I wish that you shall continue scaling greater heights as a company and break new barriers. In case you wish to reach me later after my departure, here are my telephone contacts and email addresses: 555-212-1234 and xyz@abc.com.

Best wishes,

Duncan S. Oluoch

Farewell Letter to Boss (Word Template)

Heartfelt Goodbye Letter to Boss (Word Template)


How you leave a company is a crucial thing. Remember, it is never a wise idea to burn the bridges behind you, as you never know whether the company may come hunting for you at a later date or you might need help from the former employer.