New Job Congratulations Letter Sample and Writing Tips

A New Job Congratulations Letter is a brief message sent to a current or former coworker congratulating them on getting a new position. The formality of the letter often depends on the writer’s relationship with the recipient. For example, you may use a more formal tone when congratulating your supervisor than a close colleague.


Congratulating the people you work with when they achieve milestones is an excellent way to maintain and strengthen your network. It sends the message that you are paying attention to their career and are supportive of their achievements.

Has someone you know received a new job offer? Use the following guide, tips, and example letters to draft your congratulations message.

Reasons to Send a Congratulations Letter

Getting a new job, especially one you have been working towards is an important milestone in any employee’s career, which explains why a congratulations letter is a big deal. If you are still not convinced, the following are some reasons why you should send this message:

  • It is a show of kindness, good manners, and professionalism.
  • It encourages the recipient to do well in their new position.
  • It is a show of support for your friends, which may be reciprocated when you get a new job offer.
  • It allows you to maintain communication with a colleague who is leaving the company.
  • It strengthens your professional network.
  • It keeps the door open for possible future opportunities.
  • Please note that sending a congratulations message is about more than maintaining your network. Because new jobs are scary, a show of support from former colleagues can give the reader the confidence they need to excel at their new company.

Details to Include in Your Letter

Congratulating a fellow and close worker is not a very formal occasion, which means that your New Job Congratulations Letter can be as short and simple as you wish it to be. That said, you must ensure you meet the goal of your message by communicating the following details:

  • Details about the new job and how you knew about it
  • Your relationship with the recipient, e.g., duration, some projects you have collaborated on together, and shared memories.
  • A statement affirming that you believe they qualify for the position
  • Congratulations message
  • If they are moving to another company, a statement saying you will miss them.
  • Best wishes and an offer to help during the transition
  • Your contact information and an offer to stay in touch

Writing Tips for a Congratulations Letter

Today, a lot of communication is done through email, but you can stand out by sending a handwritten congratulations note. Other tips to consider include:

  • Tailor your letter’s tone and voice to your relationship with the reader
  • Use a clear and creative subject line such as ‘Congratulations on the Job!’ or ‘Heard the Good News.’
  • Get straight to the point, write only about the promotion, and keep your letter under 4 paragraphs.

New Job Congratulations Letter Format


{Recipient’s Name}

{Company Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Congratulations on New Job

Dear {Last Name} or {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

I was thrilled to hear about your new job as {job title} at {company name}. I know you have been eyeing that position for {duration} and I am writing to congratulate you. As your {mention how you know the recipient}, I have full confidence that you will do amazing.

{Job title} is a good match for your experience and skills. But if you need any help during your transition period, feel free to reach out to me at {contact information}.

Congratulations once again and all the best.


{Your Name}

{Company Name}

New Job Congratulations Letter Sample

11 January 2031

Angel Griffin

DEF Industries

222 Joint Price Road

Chicago, IL 66099

Re: Congratulations on New Position

Dear Angel,

I heard that you accepted a new job offer at Iron Industries as the Productions Manager. Congratulations! Having put in years of work to prepare for this role, I can’t imagine how happy you must be to get it finally.

Although I am sad to see you leave DEF Industries, I am confident you are making the right decision by accepting this offer. I can’t wait to hear how your first day goes, so please email me at

Congratulations once again, and best wishes.

Your friend,

Lana Robin

New Job Congratulations Letter (Word Template)

New Job Congratulations Letter

Final Thoughts

Although the tone of a New Job Congratulations Letter will vary from recipient to recipient, most of these letters are written in a cheerful and personal voice. You want to support the reader in a casual and excited yet professional way. In line with this, you should avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, abbreviations, and emojis.