Sample Retirement Farewell Letters (with Template)

A Retirement Farewell Letter can go one of two ways in that a retiree can send it to their coworkers and vice versa. In the first instance, the letter is used to notify your colleagues that you are leaving the company and will miss them. The purpose of a retirement farewell message sent by coworkers is to appreciate the time spent with the retiree and wish them the best in their retirement.


Retirement is a significant step in any person’s life and career, which is why it should be marked with a well-written farewell letter. Whether you are looking forward to your retirement or looking to send off a colleague in style, the following guide should help you draft the perfect goodbye message.

Retiree Vs. Coworkers

As already highlighted, a Retirement Farewell Letter can be written by one of two people, the retiree of their coworkers. The retiree writes from a personal point of view because they are the ones leaving the company. This letter can be more emotional and informal than the coworker-written letter. It focuses more on reminiscing memories.

When written by coworkers, a retirement farewell letter can sound like a congratulatory message. It serves to highlight the retiree’s achievements and thank them for their service.

What to Include in Your Letter

Even though you are leaving the company, and likely never returning, it is crucial that you maintain the relationship you have with your coworkers. You can do this by enduring your letter is positive, detailed, and conveys the following information:

  • Your retirement date
  • Your retirement plans
  • Your past achievement
  • Gratitude for the time spent with your colleagues
  • Your contact details
  • A transition message for the person taking over your position
  • If you have a retirement party, an invitation

Retirement Farewell Message Letter (Format)


{Recipient’s Name}

{Company Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

As you may have heard, I am retiring from my position as {job title} at {company name} effective {retirement date}. I am writing to officially announce that my last day at the company will be on {date} and to thank you for the time and memories we have shared thus far.

I joined {company name} in {date} and have worked here for {duration}. In that time, I have {mention several achievements}, all of which I would not have done without your encouragement and support. I am grateful for your {mention your coworker’s positive qualities}.

As I dive into this new phase of my life, I look forward to {mention your plans}. I am glad to have mentored {coworker’s name}, who I believe will far surpass my record at the company.

I will miss each of you, especially for the {insert your favourite memories}. I may be leaving the company, but I am taking your friendship with me.

Feel free to contact me at {contact information} if you ever want to catch up.


{Your Name}

Retirement Farewell Message from Retiree

1 January 2031

Prince Solutions

222 Highway Street

Houston, TX 73660

Re: Retirement Farewell Message

Dear esteemed colleagues,

I have mixed feelings as I write this letter to inform you of my retirement from Prince Solutions, which will take effect on 3 January 2031. Although I am happy to finally have time in my hands, I am sad to leave all of you behind. You have been like family to me.

During my 25 years at Prince Solutions, I have seen most of you grow into impressive men and women. We have shared so much laughter and memories, especially in the cafeteria. I will miss Mrs Potter’s turkey sandwiches.

I am incredibly grateful for your support, encouragement, and assistance throughout my career. I am especially thankful to Mr Duncan Hayne, who has been a mentor at the beginning and a friend throughout my tenure at PS.

Please feel free to drop by at the house, as you have been doing, or giving me a call.

Best wishes.


Samuel Trinidad

Retirement Congratulations and Goodbye Letter (From Coworkers)

1 January 2031

Samuel Trinidad

Prince Solutions

222 Highway Street

Houston, TX 73660

Re: Congratulations on Retirement

Dear Mr. Trinidad,

We recently heard of your impending retirement from Prince Solutions. For all the years you have spent supporting, nurturing, and guiding us, we say thank you and congratulations. You deserve this. At least now you can take Mrs. Trinidad on that cruise she’s always talking about.

There is no easy way to say goodbye, but we understand you must leave. We have enjoyed your determination, creativity, and genius for over 25 years, and for that, we are grateful. As you leave, we wish you nothing but the best.

Hoping we are still invited to your home. Congratulations, once again.

Best Wishes

Your colleagues

Retirement Farewell Letter (Word Template)

Retirement Farewell Letter

Key Takeaways

Once you have identified the appropriate recipients of your Retirement Farewell Letter, you should adopt a tone that suits your relationship. You then want to include all the details of the retirement and past employment, proofread your letter, and send it at least two days before you or the retiree is set to leave.