Farewell Letter Saying Goodbye to Your Boss

A Farewell Letter Saying Goodbye to Boss is a formal message sent to your employer thanking them for the time, knowledge, and experiences they shared with you during your employment. Unlike a resignation letter, which is used to formally inform your employer of your intention to end your employment, this message should thank your boss and offer to maintain communication.


There may come a time in your career when you need to part ways with your employer. Whether you need to take a personal break or are accepting an opportunity in another company, sending a goodbye letter allows you to leave things on good terms with them.

The following are some writing tips and letter templates to help you bid farewell to your boss.

When Should You Send a Farewell Letter?

Writing to your boss is a sacred process, usually reserved for necessary and professional situations. For example, you cannot write a formal letter to your boss informing them that your daughter lost her tooth. Similarly, you must consider your timing and content when drafting a farewell letter.

  • Typically, a farewell message is sent:
  • After your resignation letter has been accepted
  • After your employer has officially released you from your duties
  • After you have completed all your remaining tasks
  • Before your last official workday
  • Before you inform your colleagues of your departure

Structuring Your Message

Once you have the timing of your letter right, you can focus on making your message viable, effective, and appropriate. Make sure it includes the following key elements.

  • Professional salutation. You and your boss share a professional relationship, which must be reflected in your letter. Begin your message with a proper salutation followed by your boss’s name.
  • Resignation details. If you are the only employee leaving the company at the moment, your boss likely knows the details of your resignation. However, it is not safe to assume so briefly mention your departure date and details.
  • Employment history. Briefly highlight your time at the company, mentioning key projects, lessons learned from your boss, and how they will impact your future.
  • Appreciation. Express genuine appreciation for the things mentioned above.
  • Contact information. Offer to maintain contact with your employer and include your contact details. Because most companies deactivate your company address when you resign, you can offer your personal email.
  • Closing. Offer your boss the best in their future and close with your name and signature.

Writing Tips for a Farewell Letter

Consider the following pointers when drafting your Farewell Letter Saying Goodbye to Boss:

  • Be sincere when appreciating the things your boss has done for you. If you exaggerate, lie, or mention things they haven’t done, your boss may not consider your message genuine.
  • Keep your message short, simple, and to the point. Avoid deviating to topics outside the subject line, or you will lose your boss’s attention.
  • Use a positive, upbeat, and genuine tone. Try to focus on the good memories you shared with your boss and your hope for the future.
  • Proofread and edit your letter before sending it. Remember, this is your last chance to make a good impression.

Farewell Letter Saying Goodbye to Your Boss (Format)


{Employer’s Name}

{Company Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Leaving {Company Name}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

As you know {leaving date} will be my last day as {previous job title} at {company name}. I am writing to bid you farewell and thank you for {mention positive things your boss did for you}. I have been fortunate to {mention how they impacted you professionally}.

I joined {company name} in {year}, and in those {duration}, I have learned {insert specific lessons you learned from your boss}. Your {mention positive qualities} will continue to guide me, even in my {mention new venture or job}.

I hope we will be able to stay in touch, and if so, you can contact me at {personal email address}.

Thank you again for everything.


{Your Name}

{Previous Job Title}

Sample Goodbye Letter to Boss

18 January 2031

Timothy McClinton

Price Motors

123 York Street

Jersey City, New Jersey 37890

Re: Leaving Price Motors

Dear Mr. McClinton,

20 January 2031 will mark my last day as marketing manager at Price Motors. While I am glad for the opportunity to work in a higher role, I am sad to be leaving the company that has been my home for the last four years. I will take every lesson and professional experience with me.

In the time that I have worked under your supervision, you have been supportive of my work. You have also corrected and pushed me to do better and achieve more. I believe that I am a better marketer, thanks to your insights and inspiration.

Even though I will be leaving the company, I hope that we can remain in touch. You can reach me at purityulrich@gmail.com.

Thank you once again, and farewell.


Purity Ulrich

Sample Thank You Letter to Boss When Leaving

18 January 2031

Elizabeth Kane

Giant Communications Ltd.

450 Rhine Road

Los Angeles, CA 13090

Re: Appreciation for Mentorship

Dear Mrs. Kane,

I handed in my resignation to your office on 15 January 2031 and received a response yesterday. Per the agreement, I will be leaving my position as communications manager at Giant Communications Ltd. I am writing to thank you for sharing your knowledge, time, and experience with me.

The ten years I have spent under your tutelage have been the most productive of my career. You have taught me to solve problems that look unsolvable and strive for the best in everything I do. Essentially, you have made me who I am today.

While I am sad to leave GCL, I am anxious to apply your teachings to this new market. I hope to one day achieve your track record for success.

Thank you for being a dedicated and selfless mentor. I wish you and the team all the best.


Stephanie Rich

Farewell Letter to Boss (Word Template)

Farewell Letter Saying Goodbye to Your Boss (Word Template)

Key Takeaways

Knowing how to write and when to send a Farewell Letter Saying Goodbye to Boss is crucial to your professional network. It allows you to leave your job on a positive note, making your employer more willing to help you in the future, for instance, when you need a recommendation. When drafting this letter, maintain a formal tone, get to the point, and keep your message short and professional. Remember to send a proofread copy at least a day before you leave the company.