Farewell Email to Coworkers (41+ Examples)

A Farewell Email to Coworkers is a semi-formal message sent to the people you work with informing them that you will be leaving the company, either through a transfer, resignation, or retirement. It is typically sent a day or two before your last working day and is designed to help you leave your workplace on a positive note.

When you reach a point in your career where you have to move on from your job, it would be rude to just up and leave. You should say goodbye to your coworkers in a way that leaves them happy to have worked with you. The following guidelines and sample letters will help you do that.


Who Should Receive a Farewell Email?

Imagine the confusion Gary from Marketing will face when they receive a farewell letter from you, yet they have never heard of you. When sending a farewell email, stick to the coworkers you have regularly interacted with, especially if you work in a large office. Common recipients to consider include:

  • Close colleagues
  • Coworkers you consider friends.
  • Anyone in a small office
  • People you collaborated with on projects
  • Your mentors and trainers

Elements of a Farewell Email

It is easy to get carried away when saying goodbye to your coworkers, especially if you were close. The following breakdown of a farewell email should help you stay on track. Typically, your message should contain the following elements:

Subject Line

This is where you define the tone of your email, as either serious, humorous, or semi-formal, for example, ‘Leaving ABC Company,’ ‘You Will Miss Me,’ or ‘A Fond Farewell.’


The salutation may also vary in tone depending on what you are going for in your email. ‘Dear colleagues,’ ‘To people I don’t like,’ and ‘to my wonderful colleagues’ are examples of a formal, humorous, and semi-formal subject line.

The Body

The body of your email should include:

  • Information about your previous job title
  • Duration on the job
  • Your official last day
  • Your reason for leaving the company
  • Some memories you have of your colleagues
  • A thank you note

Formal Closing

Writing to Your Coworkers Vs. Your Boss

While it might seem obvious, it bears mentioning that saying goodbye to your coworkers is inherently different from saying it to your boss. Consider the following pointers when writing to the latter:

  • Only write to superiors with whom you have had meaningful contact.
  • Use a professional tone.
  • Avoid joking around unless you previously interacted with your boss in that manner.
  • Thank your boss for their guidance

Farewell Email to Coworkers (Format)


From: {Your official email address}

To: {The recipient’s company email address}

Subject: Moving On

Dear {recipient’s name},

I am writing to inform you that my time at {company name} will be coming to an end on {insert date} because of {mention reason if you are comfortable sharing}. I have enjoyed working with you these last {duration, e.g., 11 months} and will deeply miss you.

In the time I have known you, you have been a {mention reader’s positive qualities}, and for this, I am grateful. I hope my leaving {company name} doesn’t mark the end of our relationship. If you wish, you can contact me at {your new contact information}.

Thank you once again for your kindness and farewell.


{Your Name}

Sample Goodbye Email to Colleagues on Last Working Day

16 February 2031

From: clarebeachamp@abccompany.com

To: marketingdepartment@abccompany.com

Subject: Leaving ABC Company

Dear esteemed colleagues,

By now, you may have heard that today is my last official day at ABC Company. I am writing to thank all of you for your support, encouragement, and cooperation these past six years. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with all of you.

Working beside you has been a high point in my career, and I will remember you for your kindness and zeal. I am incredibly grateful to Marty, with whom I have completed many successful projects.

My company email will be disabled soon, but you can always reach me at clarebeachamp@email.com.

Thank you once again, and goodbye.


Clare Beauchamp

Sample Farewell Email to Colleague Leaving the Company

16 February 2031

From: samheugan@detrexcompany.com

To: ophrahwithers@detrexcompany.com

Subject: As You Leave

Dear Oprah,

I heard the news that you will be leaving Detrex Company for your dream job at ABC Company. I cannot tell you how happy I am for this opportunity, yet sad to see you go.

Working with you these last four years has been an absolute pleasure. I am grateful for your kindness, support, and encouragement on good and bad days. I will truly miss you.

As you leave, I wish you nothing but the best in your new job. Please keep in touch and contact me at samheugan@email.com any time you want to catch up.

Best wishes.


Sam Heugan

Farewell Email to Coworkers (Word Template)

Sample Goodbye Emails to Coworkers

These are example emails that cover several scenarios under which you may have to say goodbye to your coworkers. You can use them as a guide to draft your own goodbye letter.

Farewell Email to Colleagues

A Farewell Email to Colleagues is an often semi-formal message sent to the people you work with informing them that you will be leaving the company, either through a transfer, resignation, or retirement.

Goodbye Message to Coworkers and Friends

This is a short note that could be a letter or email sent to your close friends and the people you work with to wish them goodbye when either one of you is leaving your job or the state.

Farewell Email Templates

Farewell email templates are fillable, pre-contrived documents that provide you with the general structure of a farewell message. You can use them as a starting point when creating your own farewell email to customize your message.

Farewell Email Writing Tips

  • Consider these tips when drafting your Farewell Email to Coworkers:
  • Avoid saying too little and leaving the reader feeling unappreciated, or saying too much and boring them.
  • Be careful when incorporating jokes into your message and try to weigh the relationship you had with the reader. Not everyone will find a particular joke funny.
  • Leave a good impression on the reader.
  • Send your letter at least a day or two before you have to leave.
  • Use a friendly, pleasant tone, and avoid sounding like you are bragging when talking about your new job.
  • Don’t bring up any grudges from your time at the company.

Final Thoughts

A Farewell Email to Coworkers is probably the last communication you will have with most of your colleagues. You want to leave them with something positive that they can remember you by, while still striving to maintain your relationship. When drafting your letter, be pleasant, hopeful, and to the point.