Farewell Letter to Customers and Suppliers

If you’re leaving your current employer for greener pastures, it’s best to send a farewell letter to both your suppliers and customers. It’s best to do this as without their contribution, you wouldn’t have managed to do all the assigned duties seamlessly. It’s only logical that you inform them of your departure from the organization and its good manners. You can never be sure what the future has in store. Therefore, make sure to set aside some time to write your clients and suppliers and write a farewell letter to your clients and suppliers.


In this letter, you’re unofficially informing then you won’t be working for the company in the future. Are you unsure of how you should write this letter? If so, worry not, here’s an overview of the tips on how to write the perfect farewell letter to customers and suppliers.

Why Should You Write the Farewell Letter to Customers and Suppliers?

You still aren’t convinced that writing a farewell letter to your suppliers and client is necessary? If so, here are a few reasons to convince you on the merits of writing this letter;

  • You’ll be informing them of details about your replacement.
  • Thanking them for choosing to do business with you.
  • Ensure you still have a good relationship even after your departure.
  • To ensure they no longer contact you on issues relating to your previous employer.
  • Telling them where you’re heading to if they’re willing to continue doing business with you.

Steps to Write A Farewell Letter To Your Customers And Suppliers

Now that you understand why to write the farewell letter to your suppliers and clients, the next thing is knowing the steps to follow when writing this letter. Here’s a guide of the steps you should follow;

Step 1: Create A List of Everyone You Intend to Send the Farewell Letter

Once you’ve handed in your resignation letter, the next thing is considering the transition. This means informing everyone within the organization about your departure, as well as the suppliers and customers. To ensure that you don’t leave out anyone, you should start by first creating a list of everyone you’re planning to inform about your departure.

After you have the list, go through over your last two weeks in the organization to confirm that everyone is included. By going over this list, you’ll identify if anyone is missing and adding them to the list.

Step 2: Draft A Template of the Farewell Letter

Because you’ll be short of time, the best thing to do would be to draft the farewell letter. Doing this makes this entire process very efficient, especially if you’re sending the letter to a large number of individuals. You should have more than one template to choose from.

Step 3: Personalize The Template To Particular Recipients

If you wish to add some unique details to the template for specific suppliers and customers, this is the point of doing it. You can go ahead and add the specific details you wish to mention in your farewell letter.

Step 4: Send The Farewell Letter A Few Days Before Your Final Day

You should send the farewell letter to your clients and suppliers several days before your last day. Doing this gives them ample time to pass by and wish you the best of luck in your future undertakings and to say goodbye to them.

Step 5: Be Ready For Follow-Up In Person

Some of your clients and suppliers will want to get to you in person to know why you’re departing. This is to be expected, and you should then proceed to inform them about your future plans.

Step 6: Thank You Client’s And Suppliers

As you finish your letter, end with a goodbye message to the suppliers and customers.

Tips to Writing Your Letter

While writing the farewell letter to your suppliers and customers might seem easy and straightforward, there are several things you should observe. Some of the tips to have in mind as you write this farewell letter are;

  • Express gratitude to your suppliers and clients in this letter.
  • Ensure to use a positive note in the entire letter.
  • Make sure the punctuation and grammar are correct.
  • Be short and precise.
  • Write the letter professionally and formally.
  • Mention the reason you’re departing the company.
  • Don’t condemn your current employer, as this gives you a negative image.

Farewell Letter to Customers and Suppliers (Format)


Date: _ (Date on Which Letter is Written)


Dear (Client or Supplier),

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m informing you about my departure from this organization and joining ABC. Ltd. Going forward, I’m no longer in charge of handling your account from (date).

I wish to thank you for being supportive over the many years. This is more so because despite being a difficult job, your cooperation and being understanding made this a satisfying experience. I am leaving the ongoing project to (name), my successor, and I have taken them through every detail.

Please feel free to call me in case of any issue and don’t forget to keep in touch. You have taught me a lot over the years, so it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

I wish you all the best in your future.

Best wishes to you.

Yours Sincerely,

(Name of the Sender)

(Position of the Sender)

Sample Goodbye Letter To Customers and Suppliers



David Rossi,

XYZ Ltd.


Sara Thompson

80 Z, ABC Ltd.

New York, 700094

Dear Ms. Sara,

For over a decade working here, you are one of my best clients that I’ve got to meet. But my time at XYZ Ltd. is coming to an end as I have taken a job offer at Harvey & Pearson Corporation. While this is not easy, I’m excited about trying something new and start my new position new company.

After deciding to leave, I did find you a capable replacement in Mike, who’s been promoted to my position. Mike will take over my tasks with immediate effect, and you shouldn’t worry that the quality of your work will be affected. I am confident you’ll enjoy every minute of working with Mike as he’s quite focused while still being a lot funnier than myself.

I’m sad to leave, and I’ll miss each of you. I hope to see you at my leaving party and don’t forget to get in touch.


David Rossi

Marketing Manager

Goodbye Letter To Customers and Suppliers (Word Template)

Goodbye Letter To Customers and Suppliers (Word Template)


While you might be ecstatic about leaving your current job for a new position, it’s still important to write a farewell letter to your customers and suppliers. Doing this is not only courteous but also ensures you and the suppliers plus customers still are on good terms. If you didn’t know how to write this letter, discussed above is everything that will help you write this letter.