Goodbye Letter to Students from Teacher

A farewell letter to students from a teacher is a letter from a teacher saying goodbye to students and wishing them well. Saying goodbye to your students can provoke mixed emotions. While you may be ready for a break, it’s hard to say goodbye to the students you have come to know and love during the school term. One way to say goodbye to your students is to write a farewell letter.


This article discusses what you should include in your farewell letter to your students and offer a few writing tips, letter format, and a sample letter.

What to Include in a Farewell Letter to Your Students

The purpose of a farewell letter is to tell your students goodbye and to wish them well. But a farewell letter does much more than that. Teachers want to tell their students they love them and that teaching them is a joy. They also want to offer aspirations and hopes for the students’ lives. Here are the important elements to include in your letter.

  • The date
  • The class name or number
  • An introduction that mentions the school term is ending
  • A statement that tells your students how you feel about them
  • Discussion of one or more highlights of the school year (optional)
  • A message describing your hopes and aspirations for your students
  • Your name and signature

Tips for Writing Your Letter

  • Write letters appropriate to the students’ grade level. For preschoolers and kindergarten students, write a letter to the students’ parents. For older children, write in a style they can read on their own. You may decide to write another letter to the students’ parents. For young students, one sentence for each of the above elements is sufficient.
  • Mention that it’s the end of the school year. Even young students understand they are leaving their teacher for a new one in the coming year. In your first paragraph, note that it’s time to say goodbye. It’s okay to discuss the stress levels of the last few weeks of school with older students.
  • Tell your students that you care about them. Every teacher knows stress can make them a bit short on patience at times. Your farewell letter is a great place to tell your students that you love them, even when you are a bit cross. Students thrive on a teacher’s attention and may deeply treasure an affirmation of your love for them.
  • Tell your students of your hopes for them. Offering your students your hopes for them allows them to share your hopes and dreams. Your inspiration you provide as a teacher can be life-altering for some of your students. Telling them they each have a part in creating and changing the future will inspire them to do just that. Your letter is a reminder of these hopes and dreams that they can hold onto when life is tough.

Goodbye Letter to Students from Teacher (Format)


Dear {student or parent name},

{Place your statement that it’s time to say goodbye here. Be sure to note the class name or number the students are leaving, so students can accurately remember later which school term you taught them.}

{State how you feel about your students here.}

{Discuss highlights of the school year in this paragraph. You might mention notable academic and sports achievements, student activities, or anything else that defined the ending school year.}

{Clearly describe your hopes and aspirations for your students here. Offer them your best wishes for their future.}

Yours truly {or another valediction},

{your signature}

{your name}

Sample Goodbye Letter to Students from Teacher

May 28, 2038

Dear Anton,

The school year is coming to a close, and soon we will say goodbye. This English class is one of the finest I have taught.

I want you all to know that I love you all, even when I am telling you to stop talking. I have treasured your smiles and I have loved your jokes. You have taught me so much this year with your creative thoughts and your perspectives of the world.

This has been a spectacular school year, in which we have achieved high academic testing scores and produced a Broadway-worthy musical. The football team is ranked number two in the state, and the basketball team is number four. We have many reasons to remember this year fondly.

I want you to know that each of you has something special to offer the world. Don’t ever forget that you create the future. Your compassion, respect, and dedication are gifts the world needs, so don’t be ever be afraid to demonstrate these qualities. I wish you all the best as you venture forth to accomplish great things.

Yours truly,

Ms. Dennison

Goodbye Letter to Students (Word Template)

Goodbye Letter to Students at the End of the Year


Writing a farewell letter to your students can be simple when you have a format to use. The format should include an area for you to tell your students how you feel about them and inspire them with your future hopes. You can note the highlights of the year too. You can use our format for your letters regardless of the students’ grade level. Just fill it in with the age-appropriate text.