Sample Farewell Letter to Teacher (with Format)

A farewell letter to the teacher is a formal message sent by an individual or group of students to a teacher who is leaving the class or school. Generally, the writer expresses gratitude for the time they spent with the teacher and the lessons they learned from them. They also wish the teacher well in their future endeavors.


There are many reasons why a teacher would be leaving your class or school. Whether they are being transferred to a new class, retiring, or moving to a new state, you can bid them goodbye through a well-written letter. The following information should help you do that.

Why Should You Write a Farewell Letter?

People part in wars for many reasons, especially when the situation that was bringing them together is temporary. A teacher-student relationship could end because the student is graduating or transferring to another school. It could also be because of the teacher:

  • Is moving to a different state
  • Has accepted a job offer in another school
  • Is being transferred to another class or sister school
  • Is retiring

Whatever the reason for the departure, your farewell letter should capture and appreciate the time you spent with your teacher.

What to Include in a Farewell Letter to a Teacher

While you are bidding someone goodbye, they are still your teacher, which means you should be coherent and composed. It also means that your message should be appropriate and easy to understand. Make sure it includes the following details:

  • The reason the teacher is leaving
  • Your relationship with the teacher, i.e. your class name and the subject they teach you
  • A shared memory of your teacher
  • Lessons the teacher taught you.
  • Best wishes in their future endeavours

If you are in college, you can include your contact information and ask the teacher to keep in touch with you after you or they leave the school.

Writing Tips for a Farewell Letter

Saying goodbye to your teacher can be an emotional experience, which can affect how you word and present your thoughts. Consider the following tips when drafting your farewell message:

  • Address your letter appropriately and mention your teacher by name
  • Personalize your message by including a short memory, story, or joke
  • Express gratitude for the time spent with the teacher
  • Avoid burying your main message in later paragraphs.
  • Be clear, concise, and to the point.
  • Express positive wishes for the teacher
  • Proofread your letter and correct any errors before sending it

Farewell Letter to Teacher (Format)


{Teacher’s Name}

{School/Institution Name}

{School/Institution Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

As you plan to join the new {school/institution/class} in {school/state name}, I am writing on behalf of {class name} to wish you all the best. We treasure the {duration} we spent together and will miss you for your {mention positive qualities}.

{Subject name} was particularly tough for me, but you made it easier through your persistence, perseverance, and commitment. I particularly remember {mention specific memory}. Even though we are sad to see you leave, we are excited about this new opportunity.

Thank you for your continued help and devotion.

Best Wishes

{Your Name}

{Class/Roll Number}

Sample Goodbye Letter to Teacher from Student

1 January 2031

Eunice Reuben

Pike High School

657 Chastain Rod

Los Angeles, CA 23380

Dear Mrs Reuben,

We were sad to hear that you will be moving to our sister school in North Carolina. You have been our English teacher for 3 years and, in that time, you have taught us to love the subject and excel in it. While we will miss you, we are happy for the opportunities you are set to enjoy at the new school.

In the 3 years you spent with us, you have taught to persevere in the face of difficulties, be honest, and strive for excellence. We will remember all your lessons and cherish them throughout our lives. We will especially remember your motto never to give up.

As you begin this new chapter in your career, we wish you all the best. Thank you for your guidance.


Lina Park

Class 6A

Sample Farewell Letter to Teacher Colleagues

1 January 2031

Eunice Reuben

Pike High School

657 Chastain Rod

Los Angeles, CA 23380

Dear Mrs Reuben,

We recently received news of your transfer to our sister school in North Carolina. Although we are sad to see you go, we are also happy for you for this promotion. We will miss you and wish you all the best in this new job.

Working with you these past 12 years has been an honour. Your charisma, creativity, and dedication have continuously brought life to the English department, and you are a beacon of hope and hard work. Even as you leave, you will forever be remembered among your colleagues.

Please feel free to reach out to us at or visit us if you are ever around.

Best Wishes

English Teachers

Pike High School

Farewell Letter to Teacher (Word Template)

Farewell letter to teacher

Final Thoughts

Parting with someone close to you, like your teacher, can be a sorrowful experience, especially if they were your favorite. But your farewell letter to the teacher doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. You can use it to reminisce the good memories you shared with your teacher and request that you maintain your student-teacher relationship.